Form 2 questions

If you are unable to access the form #2 on Google Forms (e.g. from China), please answer the following questions in an email to Corinne Dentan (

  • Firstname 
  • Lastname
  • What is your most meaningful research experience to date and why?  Please provide the big picture of your problem, how you approached it, what came out of your work, and what you would have done next. Keep in mind that your essay may be evaluated by a professor from a different field, so avoid jargon and don’t assume field-specific knowledge (limited to 1500 characters).
  • Why would you like to pursue a PhD in quantitative biology? Why did you choose a specific PI(s)? (Limited to 1500 characters)
  • Which recruiting lab are you the most interested in?  (Choose up to three recruiting professors. Please note that the choices are *not binding* at this stage, and could still be updated after interviews. To learn more about the recruiting professors, please check out their websites, which are linked from here)
  • Which category describes you best? (a) Student with a life science degree, keen not only to work in an experimental lab but also to develop quantitative skills during the PhD; (b) Student with a life science degree, keen to work in a primarily theoretical or computational lab; (c) Student with a non-biological background (e.g. CS, math, physics), keen to transition to computational biology.
  • When did you obtain your Masters degree, or when do you expect obtaining your Masters degree?
  • At what University did you obtain (or will obtain) your Masters degree?
  • In which country?
  • Pubmed ID of your publications (if any)
  • Research experience abroad?
  • E-mail address of your Reference 1, 2 (and 3): References will only be contacted if you are ranking in the top 25% of all applicants.
  • Any other comment (optional)
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