MLaw International Tax

Over the past years International Tax Law has gained significant importance for the global economy and is regularly in the news. For this reason, the Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration of the University of Lausanne is now offering a new specialization in International Tax Law under the Master of Law degree. This new specialization looks at international tax developments from a global perspective, bridging the study of law with broader economic, political and governance issues.

Discover the new specialization of the MLaw in International Tax

Specialization courses' structure

Mandatory courses (12 credits ECTS)
Course title Professor Semester ECTS Syllabus
International Tax Policy (EN)* R. Danon Fall 3  Link
Advanced Issues in International & European Tax Law (EN)* R. Danon Fall 3  Link
International and European Tax Law (Fundamentals) (EN)** V. Chand Spring 6  Link


Optional courses (min. 18 credits ECTS)
Course title Professor(s) Semester ECTS Syllabus
Taxation of Multinational Enterprises & Transfer Pricing Policy (EN)* V. Chand Fall 6 Link
Digitalization and Taxation (EN)** V. Chand Spring 3 Link
International Inheritance Planning (FR) A. Bonomi
E. Lein
Fall 3


Tax Law of Estates (FR)*

Y. Noël
J.-P. Krafft
M. Monod

Fall 6  Link
International Commercial Litigation (EN) A. Bonomi
E. Lein
Fall 6  Link
International Law and Its Relations with Domestic Legal Systems (EN) E. Schmid Spring 3  Link
International Economic Law (FR)* A. Ziegler Spring 6  Link
International Commercial Arbitration (EN)* A. Bonomi
E. Lein
Spring 6  Link
Law and Economic Analysis (FR)* L. Bieri Spring 6  Link


* These courses are also given within the MLaw in Law and Economics (MDE).
** These courses are yet to be formally included in the MLaw in Law and Economics (MDE), starting in Spring 2021.

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