Course book overview

ECTS for your thesis in Cancer and Immunology

Courses are credited on the basis of 1 credit for 25 to 30 hours of lectures/practicals/homework/personal work provided the student's performance is evaluated (ECTS accreditation system).



  • A minimum total of 12 ECTS are required for the obtention of your PhD
  • At the end of the first year of your PhD (12 calandar months) you must have accumulated a total of 4 ECTS amongst which 2 ECTS come from tutorials.
  • Out of the 12 ECTS obtained no more than 6 ECTS can be awarded to courses related to generic skills (soft skills/transferrable skills).
  • Credits must be confirmed by The doctoral school, contact: Livia Ioni (Livia Ioni)


Information on courses

  1. Summer courses in Cancer or Immunology

           Each year in September, the PhD programme in Cancer and Immunology organises:

        .  A summer course in Immunology

        .  A summer course in Cancer

         Each course gives 2.5 ECTS amongst which there are the equivalent of 2 tutorials.

  1. CIIL course; 3 ECTS. Equivalent of 1 tutorial.

There are no courses scheduled at present.

The format is 10 weekly 2-hour sessions with a lecture by invited key speakers, followed by a discussion of scientific papers.


                  3.  Cancer Progress Reports . 1 ECTS. 


The format is 10 monthly lunch time presentations with discussion. PhD students who give a presentation and who attend more than 50% of the progress reports will receive 1 ECTS. For more information contact


     4. UNIL courses: The UNIL offers a wide choice of doctoral courses/tutorials


     5. EPFL courses: The EPFL offers a broad spectrum of doctoral courses and practicals, also open to UNIL, LICR-UNIL and CHUV students.


     6. EMBnet courses: The Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) run introductory and advanced courses on bioinformatics, biostatistics, computer modelling and programming.


     7. IIIe Cycle COURSES: The Universities of the French-speaking part of Switzerland propose through the IIIe Cycle a series of courses and practicals.


     8. Conferences: Some examples of meetings that are recognized by the PhD programme in Cancer and Immunology: Villars symposium, Wolfsberg Meeting and The Annual Conference of the Swiss    Society of Allergy and Immunogy.


For other conferences where you have presented a poster/given a talk complete the appropriate for and ask the PhD programme coordinator if you can validate credits for your participation.


    9.  Mouse experimentation Module 1. 1 ECTS credit.

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