Useful forms




Workshops/presentations/conferences to which you took part:


Forward to your doctoral schoolthe participation forms, signed by your thesis director and yourself, and attach the requested documents (e.g. certificate of participation, program…).


This should be done for ALL the courses, including those organised by the Doctoral School (but in this case, you do not need to attach the programme).


  • For courses, use this form
  • For conferences/meeting and workshops, use this form
  • For an oral presentation of the thesis results ouside the departement, use this form
  • For DDay, use this form
  • For seminars, use this form
  • For equivalent to a Tutorial (e.g. Summer course…), use this form


For the tutorials organized by the Doctoral School, you do NOT need to use a participation form. These are considered evaluations, which are transmitted directly to the Doctoral School. TUTORIALS.

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