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(Global Financial Data)


US Stocks Data (GFD has every company from every exchange in the USA dating back to the First Bank of the US which listed on the Philadelphia Exchange in 1791)


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Football Benchmark

Research projects as well as Master theses for people at HEC interested in sports management and sports economics and other parts of Until such as IDEAP, AISTS, and ISUL.


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US data on firms' innovation activities, such as trademarks and patents, in all fields of activity: manufacturing, chemistry, artificial intelligence, etc. The data can be linked easily to Crunchbase and WRDS. Useful for anyone interested in innovation, R&D, patenting, trademarks, digitization, the data economy, etc.


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Différents modules (ESG, Climate and EU Regulatory data)


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NIELSEN Database

Nielsen offers a data management platform called Data as a Service (DaaS). Nielsen DaaS offers 300 integrated media and marketing platforms. It is intended to help companies gain insights about their consumers by providing access to Nielsen audience data across more than 60,000 segments globally

Modules available :

Dataset: Ad Intel

Dataset: Retail Scanner


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US data on firms' funding activities, firm infographics, their competitor graph and historical news. The data can be linked easily to Crunchbase and WRDS. The data is obtained by querying Owler's API. General purpose data-base interesting for anyone in economics and finance studying industrial organization, finance, economics, business dynamics, venture capital, the data economy, etc.


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REVELIO Database

The database tracks millions of CVs and job postings, worldwide. It allows to study labor market dynamics ONE-SHOT.


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SWZD Ziff-Davis

US data for private and publicly listed firms on the firm's investment in IT, software, cyber-security, business intelligence, advertising, broken down by product.


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EFMD EQUIS AccreditedAssociation of MBAs (AMBA)Business School Impact System (BSIS)Quantitative Techniques for Economics & Management (QTEM)