Two main research axis are developed within the Global Sport & Olympic Studies Center (GS&OSC):

  1. olympic and paralympic studies: institutional history of the IOC; modern uses of antiquity games; evolution of the olympic program and charter; gouvernance models; funding, marketing and mediatisation of the Olympic Games…
  2. emergence and diffusion of physical, leisure, gymnastics and sports activities and cultures in the world since the fifteenth century

Are especially investigated:

  • history of international sports federations since nineteenth century;
  • biographies and prosopographies of the international sports leaders;
  • international sports relations;
  • state sports diplomacies;
  • emergence and development of new international organisations supporting sports policies (UN entities, INGO…);
  • origin and evolution of various concepts as autonomy, neutrality and apolitical character of sport;
  • olympism as a concept and an ideology;
  • olympism, post-humanism, body enhancement (etc…) as concepts and ideologies.