Economics of professional sport

Head: Markus Lang

Sport has become a global business. There is no place on earth that is not reached by the coverage of global sports mega-events such as the Olympic Games or the World Cup. These events are run by international federations such as the IOC and FIFA, which operate like large international companies. Companies as Nike for example now design, produce, distribute and market their products on all continents, while an increasing share of each country's sports market is now international in terms of influences and opportunities.

In the “Economics of Professional Sport” research area, we analyse the relationship between professional sport and the economic logic of the market in all its complexity. We are interested in the economic regulation of professional sports leagues, the interaction between sport and television, the financing of sport and the wage relationship in the labour market of professional athletes.


Researchers at UNIL Position
Pr Emmanuel Bayle Associate professor
Pr Markus Lang Associate professor, domain head
Dr Jeremy Moulard Part-time lecturer
Zahid Mustafi Graduate assistant
Pr Martin Müller Associate professor
Dr Tommy Quansah Graduate assistant
Pr Mickael Terrien Assistant professor
External researchers Position/Affiliate
Pr Babatunde Buraimo Associate professor, Liverpool University
Pr Helmut Dietl Full professor, Zürich University
Pr Bernd Frick Full professor, Paderborn University

We also collaborate with the "Center for Research in Sports Administration” in Zurich