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Work, Newsletter n° 5 Publié le 30.03.20
Work, Newsletter n° 5
Our fifth newsletter "Work", starts with a new message from the Rector, available on video. This is followed by information on the latest guidelines for financial continuity, details on the case of employees doing their apprenticeship and recommendations for the ergonomics of your workspace. Finally, you will be introduced to the e-learning training opportunities available from the IT Centre.
Work, Newsletter n° 4 Publié le 25.03.20
Work, Newsletter n° 4
In this fourth « Work » newsletter you will find further details on how to access the campus. You will also find information on good practices in telework in a dedicated online guide.
Work, Newsletter n° 3 Publié le 23.03.20
Work, Newsletter n° 3
For this third issue of the newsletter “Work”, UNIL shares with you a new message from the Rector, informs you about the modalities of mail and parcel delivery, as well as suggestions and advice of the « Sports universitaires Lausanne » to keep yourself in good physical and mental shape during your teleworking days.
Work, Newsletter n° 2 Publié le 20.03.20
Work, Newsletter n° 2
For this second issue of our newsletter "Work", you will find information on UNIL’s crisis management system, the financial continuity of the institution, the adjustments planned by the Swiss National Science Foundation - SNSF for the promotion of research, the teleworking tools available and the methods of protection against malicious e-mails, which have increased in recent days.
Teach, Newsletter n° 1 Publié le 19.03.20
Teach, Newsletter n° 1
Throughout this period of crisis, UNIL will send you a regular newsletter containing information on the progress of online teaching as well as advice on how to organize your distance learning.
Leçons inaugurales de la FBM reportées Publié le 17.03.20
Leçons inaugurales de la FBM reportées
En raison du coronavirus (COVID-19), toutes les Leçons inaugurales de la Faculté de biologie et de médecine prévues jusqu’au mois de juillet 2020 inclus sont reportées.
L’Exposition [Figure 1.A.] vue sous un autre angle ! Publié le 06.03.20
L’Exposition [Figure 1.A.] vue sous un autre angle !
Les expositions [Figure 1.A.] et « Disparus ! » se sont alliées pour proposer « Fonctions et diversité » l’expo photos qui met en exergue la complexité du vivant. Celle-ci est visible depuis le 3 mars 2020 au Musée cantonal de zoologie à Lausanne.

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