The DEE is committed to teaching at the Bachelor (BSc) in Biology, Master (MSc) and PhD level. DEE members are in charge of many courses at the Bachelor level, and DEE runs a highly successful Masters (MSc) program in Behaviour, Evolution and Conservation (BEC), and is involved in several PhD programs dedicated to training research students in ecology, evolution, and quantitative methods. 



The Bachelor in biology of the School of Biology provides a large vision of the various fields and levels of organizations of biology, from molecules to ecosystems. Our department provides basic and advanced courses of ecology and evolution, of organismal biology (zoology, botany, microbiology), and of statistics and bioinformatics.

For more information visit the Bachelor website.



Our department offers research projects in the master programs Behavior, Evolution and Conservation and Molecular Life Sciences of UNIL. We are also a host department for the European MEME master program. 

Members of the department are strongly involved in the organization and teaching of the master Behavior, Evolution and Conservation

For more information, visit the MSc BEC website.

PhD Doctorate


We provide a first-class research and training environment for a PhD. Each student is a full member of their research group, and we provide many opportunities to interact with other students and researchers of the department, through internal seminars, inter-lab “topic groups”, and support for participation in national and international meetings. 

The department participates in the doctoral programs Ecology & Evolution and Quantitative Biology. The program of Ecology & Evolution is coordinated between five Swiss universities and offers many opportunities for training and networking. Doctoral students in SIB-affiliated groups can also participate in the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics training network

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