SNSF Eccellenza, PRIMA and Ambizione

The DEE is fortunate to have a number of Ambizione and Professeur boursier fellows as part of its academic staff. These fellows contribute to our research environment in terms of their research, the graduates they train, contributions they make to our intellectual environment, and to teaching.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of applying for an externally funded fellowship in the DEE:

1. Check your eligibility and the participation requirements for Eccellenza, PRIMA, or Ambizione at:

2. Contact the Group Leader(s) in the DEE whose research interests are most closely aligned with yours.

3. Keep in mind the application deadlines.

4. Send formal expression of interest in being hosted by the DEE well in advance of application deadlines. Candidates with a suitable profile will be invited to visit the Department to give a talk about their research and to discuss their ideas with us before we can decide to act as potential host. Your formal expression of interest should be formatted as a single document and should include:

  • your full CV
  • an overview in up to four pages explaining the research you would do in Lausanne
  • a letter of motivation explaining why the DEE would be an appropriate host for your research
  • a brief description of your anticipated space needs (including desk and bench space), any equipment you plan to install, and any departmental equipment to which you would need access
  • the names and addresses of three people who could comment on your potential as an independent scientist
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