Claus Wedekind - Professor

Curriculum vitae

since 2018: Full Professor, University of Lausanne

2015 - 2018: External Lecturer, University of Zurich

2006 - 2016: Head of master program in Behaviour, Evolution & Conservation (MSc BEC, University of Lausanne)

2006 - 2018: Associate Professor, University of Lausanne

2005: Sarah and Daniel Hrdy Visiting Professor of Conservation Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge MA, USA

2004: SNF Research Professor, University of Bern (later at University of Lausanne)

2003: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology (EAWAG), CH-Kastanienbaum.

2000 - 2002: University of Edinburgh, UK (Swiss National Science Foundation)

1999 - 2000: University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA (Cloëtta & Wander Foundations)

1999: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology (EAWAG), CH-Kastanienbaum

1995 - 1999: Lecturer, University of Bern

1994: PhD, University of Bern, Switzerland

We study the selective forces that currently act on vertebrates, e.g., the effects of human activities in interaction with natural and sexual selection. Our main models are the salmonid fishes of Switzerland, horses, and humans. We use a wide range of methods, from studying effects of single genes to analyses of behavioral decisions and large-scale experiments with natural and laboratory populations.

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