Dr. Tristan Cumer

Understand how populations evolves through time and space and adapts to their new or varying environment is fascinating. My work focuses on the genomic bases and consequences of these evolutionary processes, by retracing the history of the species, identify genomic regions involved organism adaptation to their environments as well as linking genomic variations with phenotypes traits.

During my PhD, I worked on the genomic basis of the domestication of sheep and goats. More precisely, I studied the impact of the domestication process and the subsequent adaptation to different environment on the genome of small ruminants.

As a post-doc, I’m now studying the history and evolution of the European barn owl. Using genomic and ecological informations, my main questions focuses on understanding the history of the different populations in the Western Palearctic, describe the evolutionary forces acting on them and their consequences on the genome of this nocturnal raptor.

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Ext. Scientific Collaborator
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