Dr. Marina Braso Vives

I am a postdoctoral researcher in evolutionary biology and genome evolution. I use computational tools to study how our genome evolves, gets expressed and determines, in part, who we are.


During my PhD, I explored the evolution of the genome through duplications. Using simulations and comparative genomics, I studied duplicated and copy-number variant regions in primate genomes searching for potential consequences of such duplications in terms of molecular genomics and gene expression.


In my first postdoc, I worked on the genetic network of the placenta. The placenta is an organ that appeared in the early stages of mammal evolution. It specialized and diversified to give rise to a notable functional diversity among placental mammals. I investigated the protein coding and non-coding genes expressed in human and mouse placenta to learn about the placenta transcriptome and its evolution.


At that moment, I am working in the genomics of the European amphioxus (Branchiostoma lanceolatum) in collaboration with labs from the European Amphioxus Genome Consortium. Amphioxus is a slowly-evolving invertebrate chordate. This makes it a very good outgroup to study vertebrate origins. Moreover, amphioxus has particular genomic features such as very high heterozygosity rates. In my current project I am interested in understanding the functional impact of this high heterozygosity in amphioxus biology.

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