Dr. William Toubiana

I am broadly interested in understanding the causes and consequences of evolutionary conflicts. Conflicts occur across various biological levels, sometimes leading to the most extreme and rapid evolutionary changes. I focus my research on evolutionary conflicts occurring within or between individuals of the same species.

During my PhD, I used an Evo-Devo approach to study the selective forces and proximal mechanisms underlying male-male and male-female conflicts in a sexual selection context.

I am now working on Timema stick insects to investigate how certain genomic sequences such as centromeres or satellite DNA, which are predicted to evolve under genetic conflicts, respond to repeated and independent transitions to asexuality. This question has involved the development of different cell biology techniques which I am also applying to characterize the proximate mechanisms leading to transitions to asexuality in Timema.

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Office room: 3221
Phone: +4121 692 4245

Member of Schwander group