Marc Robinson-Rechavi - Professor

My research has concerned rodent evolution, mammal phylogeny, evolutionary rates, gene and genome duplication, nuclear hormone receptors, and structural genomics. I am trained in experimental molecular biology, but have not touched a pipette since 1997. Your will find my present research interests on the webpage of my lab


Introduction to bioinformatics, Bachelor of Biology 
Molecular evolution, Bachelor of Biology 
Experimental design for computational biologists, Doctoral Program in Quantitative Biology 

Comparative Genomics 
Gene Expression made Useful Easily: Tools and Database of Bgee 


Director of the Department of Ecology and Evolution (2023-present) 

Editorial board PLOS Computational Biology (2022-present)
Recommender at PCI Evol Biol (2017-present)  
Advisory Board of Reviews Commons (2020-present) 
Affiliate at bioRxiv (2021-present) 
Read and Publish negotiation committee for the major publishing houses, Swissuniversities (2018-2023)  
I have decided in 2018 to resign from all editorial roles at for-profit publishers.  

Twitter: marc_rr (inactive)  
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Conseil de l'école de biologie (2018-2022) 
Editorial board PLOS One (2011-2021)
Chair of DEE Teaching committee (2012-2022)
Chair of Training at the SIB (2010-2022)  
President of the Equal opportunities, Diversity, and Integration commission of the faculty (2021-2022, member 2017-2020)

Curriculum Vitae

Full Professor at University of Lausanne  
Department of Ecology and Evolution 
Associate Professor at University of Lausanne  
Department of Ecology and Evolution 
Group Leader at SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics 

Assistant Professor tenure-track at University of Lausanne  
Department of Ecology and Evolution  
Visiting Assistant Research Scientist at University of California, San Diego  
Joint Center for Structural Genomics  
Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches  
"Importance of multigene families in functional evolutionary genomics: the example of nuclear receptors"  
Maître de Conférences at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon  
UMR CNRS 5665 - Biologie moléculaire et cellulaire  
Lab of Prof. Vincent Laudet  
Post-doctorate at Tel Aviv University  
Department of Zoology  
Lab of Prof. Dan Graur  
Graduate studies at Université Lyon 1 Claude Bernard  
UMR CNRS 5558 - Biométrie, Génétique et Biologie des Populations  
Lab of Prof. Christian Gautier  
PhD advisor: Dominique Mouchiroud.  
Specialization: Biometrics  
Title: "Diversity of evolutionary modes of rodent genomes" 

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