Sarya Fark

My main interests lie with the evolutionary mechanisms shaping and maintaining inter – and intra-specific variability, spanning across the fields of behaviour, morphology, ecology and genetics.

During my Master, I investigated the molecular basis and associated traits of a multi-species polymorphism in Mediterranean wrasses. This interest in the evolution and underlying genetic basis of complex phenotypes has drawn me to the field of social insects and the supergene controlling social organisation in the Alpine silver ant (Formica selysi). 

As a PhD in the group of Prof. Chapuisat, I am studying the function and phenotypic consequences of a potentially introgressed supergene variant in the closely related ant species Formica cinerea, and investigate the hybrid zone that occurs between F. selysi and F. cinerea along the Rhône valley in Switzerland.

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Office room: 3209
Phone: +41 21 692 4219

Member of Chapuisat Group