Dr. Llilians Calvo Gonzalez

I joined the Keller lab in January 2022 shortly after finishing my PhD at the University of Manchester (UK). During my PhD I annotated and investigated the expression of mRNAs and small RNAs such as microRNAs and piRNAs during the different embryonic transitions of a new crustacean model organism the marine amphipod Parhyale hawaiensis


Initially trained as a developmental biologist/bioinformatician, I am now in the process of pupation, hoping to acquire my final form as a postdoctoral scientist studying the molecular and cellular mechanisms that enable division of labour in social insects. In order to do this, I will employ single-cell sequencing to determine the gene regulatory networks as well as the specific cell types allowing social insects to transition from inside-colony behaviours (e.g. brood care) to outside-nest behaviours (e.g. foraging).

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Office room: 2101
Phone: +4121 692 4176

Member of Schwander Group