Zoé Dumas

Research interests

Everything that helps to better understand, in a evolutionnary way, how nature work: why do we observe this? And How did/does it happen? To use modern technics in order to answer all the questions we could have is also one of my motivation. Here, I help the group to better understand the prevalent (or not) of sexual reproduction (vs asexual one) in some insects known to have a parthenogenetic reproduction (Thysanoptera, Timema, crickets,...).

Tasks and Specializations

  • Orders, managment and work in the lab through differents molecular biology methods (DNA extraction, amplification, cloning, sequencing, micrsatellites genotyping, RAD sequencing and barecoding and more)
  • Analysis of results (GeneMapper, Sequencher… and more)
  • Management and excecution of small research projects in different biology fields (biogeopgraphy, populations genetic,…).
  • Field work.
  • Students lab supervision (master, phD…) and teaching them different molecular biology technics and functionnement of the lab.


Curriculum vitae

2013- present:
Lab technician at DEE in Group Schwander, Lausanne University.

Lab technician at UMIK (Environmental microbiology) in Group Kümmerli, EAWAG, Dübendorf.

Lab technician at DEE in Group Perrin, Lausanne University.

Master « Evolutionnary and Conservation Biology » , Lausanne University

Bachelor in Biology, Lausanne University

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Member of Schwander group

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