Nicolas Perrin - Professor

I have rather wide-ranging interests across the fields of Ecology and Evolution. This led me to work on a diversity of topics, from life-history theory and optimal resource allocation to the evolution of mate choice and mating systems, population genetics and phylogeography, habitat and niche modeling, and the evolution of dispersal, kin structures and social systems. Depending on topics, I have been working on a variety of animal models, including flatworms, snails, crustaceans, fishes, amphibians, birds and mammals. My present research focuses on sex-determination systems, integrating evolutionary modeling approaches with empirical work on the dynamics of sex chromosomes, using amphibians as model organisms.

More details on recent work and activities of my group are available here

Professional achievements

I have published some 140 peer-reviewed papers in most of the main scientific journals in the fields of Ecology and Evolution. Please click here for access to my full publication list.

I have acted as Associate-, Receiving- or Subject Editor for several scientific journals including American Naturalist, Ecology Letters, Evolution, Journal of Evolutionary Biology, and Molecular Ecology.

I am now acting as chairman of the organizing committee for ESEB 2015, the next congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology, to be held in Lausanne, August 10-14, 2015.

I recently wrote with Leo Beukeboom a book on the The Evolution of Sex Determination.

In June 2014 I received an FBM award of excellence for lifetime achievement.

Curriculum Vitae

2001 -  
Full professorship, University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

1996 - 2000 
Professor of Ecology, University of Lausanne, Switzerland (50%) and a START Fellowship Universities of Bern and Lausanne (50%).

1994 – 2000
Holder of a START fellowship (Swiss Talents for Academic Research and Teaching) Universities of Bern and Lausanne.

1992 - 1993 
Research associate. University of Bern, with Prof. M. Milinski.

1991 - 1992 
Postdoctoral research fellow. Florida State University (USA) with Prof. J. Travis.

1990 - 1991 
Postdoctoral research fellow. University of Reading (UK) with Prof. R. Sibly.

1989 - 1990 
Postdoctoral research fellow. University of Sheffield (UK) with Prof. P. Calow.

1985 - 1989 
Post-doctoral resarch associate. University of Lausanne.

1980 - 1984 
Ph.D under supervision by Prof. J. S. Jones, Univ. College London.

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