Eléonore Lavanchy

I am interested in Population Genomics, and notably studying inbreeding with the help of computational biology.

In 2017 I received my Bachelor's degree in Life Sciences at UNIL and in 2019 my master's degree in Life Sciences in Behavior, Evolution and Conservation with a specialization in Computational Ecology and Evolution at UNIL (Master thesis title: ' How Important Are Biotic Interactions in Predicting the Realized Distributions of Species and Assemblages? ' ).

The central goal of my PhD consists in studying the biological and statistical properties of Runs of Homozygosity (ROHs): long Identical-by-Descent homozygous stretches in the genome which are used to estimate inbreeding and population's past demography.

More specifically, I am working with both simulations (using SLiM) and real data to investigate the effect of different ROHs calling methods, sequencing techniques and population histories on genome-wide ROHs detection.

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Member of Goudet group