Dr. Riddhi Deshmukh

My main research interest lies in understanding the genetic bases of polymorphisms and complex adaptive traits. The role of different genetic elements in shaping tangible morphological and behavioural traits fascinates me. I am trained in evolutionary biology and genetics with some background in molecular biology, however, my research interests also include developmental genetics and behavioural ecology.

During my PhD, I worked on understanding the evolutionary history, genetic architecture, and developmental basis of mimetic polymorphism in the butterfly species Papilio polytes, using a combination of genomic and transcriptomic data.

My current project in the Chapuisat group focusses on understanding various aspects of social polymorphism in the Alpine silver ant, Formica selysi. The social supergene has been maintained in the Formica group of ants for millions of years and has been passed on to several descendent species, making it an exciting study system. My work focusses on the organization of the social supergene, its evolutionary history, and introgression between species.

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