The teaching program of the Department of Fundamental Neuroscience covers two main areas: 

  • Fundamental and translational neuroscience
  • Morphology, taught in the broad sense of form and structure at all organizational levels. This includes courses in anatomy and neuroanatomy, histology, molecular and structural biology and embryology.

The lectures, lab work and seminars are taught in three schools of Lausanne University, namely the Schools of Medicine and Biology and the Graduate school. Students studying at the DNF are in contact with teachers for their whole academic training, from the first year of the Bachelor’s degree to the PhD thesis. For all levels of training students are immersed in the research activities of the DNF visiting labs to learn about technical facilities to participating in the research projects of the department.

The teaching mission unifies modern concepts of cell biology and a functional approach, including functional neuroimaging, to study systems and taking advantage the Department’s sophisticated centralized technological core facilities  including the CIF, Neuro-Bau and Morphology facilities. DNF education promotes a multi- and interdisciplinary training. The impressive involvement of the teachers in the Master’s course in biomedical studies highlights the teaching dedication.

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