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Department of Oncology

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An integrated database to rapidly explore and visualize binding specificities of...
The Gfeller Lab develops the MHC Motif Atlas to improve predictions of T-cell epitopes.
Q&A: Pierpaolo Ginefra on agility, and the choices that lead to - and on from-...
The last of a 3-part series featuring members of our ECR community, with a glimpse into what drew them to life sciences, and where they're at in their careers.
The design of novel and optimized CAR T cells targeting both BCMA and TACI in the...
Novel chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) with different configurations of the natural ligand APRIL for BCMA and TACI antigens delivered fast anti-tumor responses but did not protect from tumor recurrence, similar to CAR T cell therapies using antibody fragments for BCMA binding. The Arber Lab identifies potential mechanisms of resistance shared by different CAR T cell types targeting BCMA.
DO hosting an SNF Starting Grant applicant
The Department of oncology UNIL CHUV will support the application of a candidate for a Starting Grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation.
Fondation ISREC: appel à projets Tandem
La Fondation ISREC lance un appel à projets soumis par des tandems, composés d’un.e et d’un.e chercheur.euse ayant conçu conjointement un projet de recherche translationnelle qu’ils/elles co-dirigeront.
- The fundamental & translational research community of the Department of oncology UNIL CHUV
- Home to the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Lausanne branch
- A collective of over 20 research labs at the University of Lausanne and the Lausanne University Hospital & 5 affiliated research labs at EPFL and the University of Geneva.
- A pole of excellence in the training and mentoring of the next generation of scientists and clinicians in oncology.
- A founding member of the Swiss Cancer Center Léman
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