The programme is based on a convention and governed by a Steering Committee to strengthen its internal coherence and functionality. It is composed of three SSP members and three FORS members who meet at least once every six months. The steering committee members are appointed for four years, with a possibility of renewal. The steering committee is chaired by a representative of the SSP deanship.

As stated in the convention, the main role of the Steering Committee is to:

  • propose the priority themes of the scientific programme and validate the research projects;
  • propose the job profiles of new positions in the framework of this programme;
  • adopt the budget made available to the programme for its specific activities;
  • prepare the annual report on the progress of the joint scientific programme;
  • ensure the visibility of the programme.

Current Members of the Steering Committee:

  • Chair: Prof. Jean-Christophe Graz (research dean SSP)
  • Prof. Stephanie Steinmetz (SSP),
  • Dr. Jacques-Antoine Gauthier (SSP),
  • Prof. Georg Lutz (FORS),
  • Prof. Boris Wernli (FORS),
  • Dr. Robin Tilman (FORS).
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