The DSA provides a master program (Master of science in Actuarial Science, MScAS) and a doctoral school in Actuarial Sciences. The master program addresses students with a bachelor in economics (management, political sciences, etc.) or with a background in mathematics, statistics or other related fields that aspire to become an actuary.

The doctoral school addresses students with interest in research on actuarial topics, with applications in insurance, pension funds and social insurance, as well as in finance.

Master of Actuarial Science

The Master of Actuarial Science develops an understanding of the actuarial principles and techniques necessary for the management of insurance companies as well as financial and savings institutions including pension funds and social security systems. Although applied mathematics are the actuary's main tool, a fair knowledge of economics, management and computing is also required to enable him to work effectively.

Master of Actuarial Science's description

PhD in Actuarial Science

Doctoral studies at the Department of Actuarial Science (DSA) offer candidates the possibility of acquiring a high level of knowledge through intensive research training. The DSA offers a stimulating and productive research environment where PhD candidates work in close interaction with the professors. The research areas cover both theoretical topics (e.g., risk theory, credibility theory, financial mathematics, statistics) and applied topics (evaluation of insurance companies and pensions funds, financial markets and services, insurance products, etc.).

PhD in Actuarial Science site

Continuing education

Members of the Department of Actuarial Science are committed to continuing education in the insurance sector. The Summer School of the Swiss Association of Actuaries has been organized in Lausanne every year since 1982. A continuing education program on “Strategic Leadership” has been introduced in response to specific practical needs for insurance company and pension fund executives. Finally, a Cicero-accredited series of four annual lectures is organized jointly with the Swiss Insurance Association. These explore a specific, topical subject and compare the latest findings from the academic world with the realities of practice.

Link to the Summer School of the Swiss Association of Actuaries

Link to the lectures on insurance organized with the Swiss Insurance Association

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