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Programme 2020-2021

Programme & schedules are currently being updated.
Registration for the tutorials and courses of period 1 is postponed to September 7th-16th 2020.

Tutorials organized by the Doctoral School - On-line registration
Postponed from Spring to September 2020 - Registration is closed
Key concepts in immunology 
Taking place during period 1 - October & November 
Sessions taking place in November will be organized on-line.
Cooperation and conflict: from the origins to the job world 
Genetics of inherited cardiac diseases 
Reasoning and logic in experimental and computational biology 
Reviews in quantitative biology 
Equivalent to a tutorial (discussion group organized by Unisanté & HESAV)

Forum de recherche qualitative en santé on-line

  • With a supplementary session & homework for PhD students (evaluation).
  • In FR, possibility to do the presentation in EN.
On-line registration for period 1: 07-16.09.20
Taking place during period 2 - December, January & February
Applied humanities in health and medicine: methodological tools 
Cellular therapy: from bench to bedside 
Genetic predispositions to obesity: is it all coded in our DNA?
Metabolomics in life sciences: approaches, applications and challenges 
Molecular radiobiology
Regulation of the immune response against self- and foreign antigens
Stability-variability of the signal in sport sciences
Tumor immune microenvironment: concepts, techniques and therapeutic targeting - New
On-line registration for period 2: 12-22.11.20
Special on-line registration in December
Metabolism: the energy of cancer
Taking place during period 3 - March, April & May
An introduction to medical genetics through endocrine and metabolic diseases 
Ecology and evolution in microbial communities 
Health and risk perception
Introduction to instrumented movement analysis and its emerging applications in rehabilitation and sport training - New
Key concepts in immunology 
Medical virology - New (TBC)
Reasoning and logic in experimental and computational biology 
On-line registration for period 3: 03-14.02.21
Taking place during period 4 - May, June & July
Bio-thermodynamics: the origin of life and the thermodynamic rules that govern living beings New
Cancer therapy, from the basic concept to its clinical application 
Introduction to psychophysiological research 
Gene therapy: nucleic acids to treat diseases, a new medicine emerging from multidisciplinary translational research
Microorganisms of medical importance
Synthetic Biology
On-line registration for period 4: 8-18.05.21
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Only for tutorials and courses organized by the Doctoral School.