How to develop good writing practices?

Each PhD student has to acquire good writing practices during the doctorate training.


The following resources are part of the learning process:

  • Regular discussions and feed-back from the thesis director and the committee,
  • The use of the UNIL on-line tutorial Epigeum (to be confirmed by September 15th)
  • The courses about scientific writing (organized by the Doctoral School FBM, the School of Languages UNIL & the CUSO transversal program
  • The regular use of a reference management software (e.g. Zotero)
  • The regular use of the plagiarism detection tool called COMPILATIO. Professors, members of the « corps intermédiaire » of UNIL & PhD students should have automaticaly access to the tool.
  • Consultations (need of advice) & accesses to COMPILATIO (if needed) can be provided when requested to:

For more information about plagiarism at UNIL, click here.

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