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Faculté des géosciences et environnement (FGSE)
Tools & Projects
R package Ecospat
The package makes available novel tools to support spatial analyses and modeling of species niches and distributions in a coherent workflow.
Job opening
The Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM) of the University of Lausanne is inviting applications for a position of Assistant Professor (tenure-track) in Ecology at the Department of Ecology and Evolution (DEE)
Cérémonie de remise des grades, nov 2013
Antoine Guisan présente les modèles biogéographiques au service de la conservation de la nature
GBIF frontiers @ AMNH, New York, 5 Nov 2015
Antoine Guisan explains the mutual benefit of data for calibrating models and models for directing data collection at the Symposium and Panel Discussion: "Frontiers Of Biodiversity Informatics and Modelling Species Distributions"
Living in poor climate conditions. A plant story
Anna Csergö, Antoine Guisan, Yvonne Buckley and Rob Salguero-Gomez present the main outcome of our study published in Ecology Letters (Csergö et al. 2017) on the relationship between predicted climate suitability and population demographic performance.
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