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May 26 - Nature Communications - Editors' Highlights

The editors of Nature Communications included our manuscript Distance to native climatic niche margins explains establishment success of alien mammals in their "Editors' focus section". We highlight theoretical and empirical studies that shed light on biological systems - how they function, interact and evolve - from the level of genetic information to populations, species and ecosystems.


22 Avril - RTS - CQFD - Les brèves du jour: Les mammifères qui s’établissent sur de nouveaux territoires

Cécile Guérin présente un résumé du manuscrit Broennimann et al. 2021 dans Nature Communications sur le rôle de la niche climatique natives des mammifères dans l'établissement de populations exotiques. lien sur le site web de CQFD

March 17 - CIPRA - alpMedia newsletter - Alpine plants: persistent and endangered

Spiked rue, glacier buttercup, saxifrage: the habitat of such alpine plants is shrinking with the glaciers, as a recent study shows. In addition to climate change, mountain plants are also suffering from nitrogen deposition. Link to articleInterview of Sabine Rumpf (in German)



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