Spatial Community Modelling Workshop


21-24 April 2015


Manuela D'Amen & Antoine Guisan


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The workshop will be focused on community ecology with the aim to increase the understanding of the drivers of community assembly by synthesizing biogeographical, ecological and evolutionary knowledge. The workshop is informal and interactive: the program consists of introductory lectures, practical computer work, and discussions. In particular, an excellent group of renowned speakers from Europe, North America, and Australia will give theoretical and practical insights of the main methods developed to date to spatially predict communities’ attributes. Seminary lectures will introduce to the field of community ecology and will depict the multiplicity of drivers and processes that determine the species assembly (Environmental filter, Evolutionary forces, and Biotic interactions). Practical lessons will teach the attendees in using different informatics tools for the analysis of community-level spatial attributes (R language). The workshop will provide important opportunities for both speakers and participants to exchange information on results and findings and to discuss future research directions.



Speaker Title pdf
Manuela D'Amen Theories and methods in spatial community modelling overview PowerPoint Presentation  (3849 Ko)
St├ęphane Dray The adephylo package The adephylo package  (916 Ko)
Simon Ferrier Compositional turnover modelling Ferrier - Compositional-turnover modelling.pdf  (4517 Ko)
Nicholas Gotelli Null model analysis in biogeography Gotelli-Null Model Analysis in Biogeography.pdf  (1515 Ko)
Olivier Hardy Community phylogenetic and functional structure Hardy-Community phylogenetic and functional structure_mini.pdf  (3521 Ko)
Karel Mokany Incorporating processes into biodiversity projections Mokany-Incorporating processes into biodiversity projections.pdf  (2850 Ko)
Pedro Peres-Neto Modelling Meta-communities Peres-Neto_finalPresentation.pptx  (20314 Ko)
Bill Shipley Community assembly by trait selection PowerPoint Presentation  (2776 Ko)
Wilfried Thuiller Using functional and phylogenetic information in macroecology and conservation Thuiller-Using functional and phylogenetic information in macroecology and conservation_mini.pdf  (8248 Ko)
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