Tools for spatial ecologists

  • CRAN - The comprehensive R archive network (Swiss mirror)
  • mapview - on-the-fly mapping of spatial in R (tutorial)
  • Quick-R – User-friendly guide for users of statistical packages (e.g., SAS, SPSS) who would like to transition to R
  • BIOMOD – R library for ensemble forecasting of species distributions
  • DISMO – R library for species distributon modeling (including MaxEnt)
  • GDM - R library for Generalized dissimilarity modeling
  • BIOMAPPER - A GIS-toolkit to model habitat suitability
  • ADE-4 – R library for analysis of ecological and environmental data
  • STATLIB - Data, software and news from the Statistics Community
  • Stockwell’s webpage –Niche modeling blog
  • ESRI – support for ArcGIS
  • GRASS and DIVA-GIS - free GIS softwares
  • Niklaus Zimmermann’s webpage – Tools for mapping biophysical variables
  • Colorbrewer - color advice for cartography
  • Marxan and ZONATION - softwares for spatial conservation planning (e.g. design reserve systems, assess performance of existing reserves, develop multiple-use zoning plans)
  • prioritizr - R package for solving systematic conservation prioritization problems using integer linear programming (ILP) 
  • sdmvspecies and virtualspecies - R libraries to create virtual species for species distribution modelling
  • R interface to Keras - high-level neural networks API
  • maxnet- Fitting 'Maxent' Species Distribution Models with 'glmnet' (Phillips et al. 2017)
  • PaleoView - a tool for generating continuous climate projections spanning the last 21 000 years at regional and global scale. github
  • remap - remote ecosystem monitoring assessment pipeline 
  • zoon - R package for reproducible and shareable species distribution modelling 
  • Wildnote - An app to collect field data
  • hsdm- R package for estimating parameters of hierarchical Bayesian species distribution models
  • dispeRsal - an R tool to predict seed dispersal distances from plant traits (growth form, dispersal mode, seed mass, plant height)
  • IUCN redlist Tools and Data - A range of arcGIS tools and resources to help create distribution maps in a format appropriate for publication in an IUCN Red List assessment (version for R: redlistr package)


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