Recherche européenne à l'UNIL

Horizon Europe is the Research and Innovation Framework Programme running from 2021-2027 with a budget of 95.5 billion euro.
Swiss participation in Horizon Europe
Following Switzerland's withdrawal from the negotiations of an Institutional Agreement with the EU, the EC has decided to treat Switzerland as a "third country". Information and updated Q&A on the SERI website.
Next ERC calls
The 2021 Advanced Grants call is open. Submission deadline : 31/8/21. The 2022 StG call should be published on 23/9/21 (deadline: 13/1/22). The 2022 CoG call should open on 19/10/21 (deadline: 17/3/22).
WARNING: it is not possible to apply for an ERC StG/CoG/AdG grant with a host institution located in a third country.
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)
The 2021 MSC Postdoctoral Fellowship (PF) call should open by the end of June. Submission deadline: 12.10.21. Deadline for the Doctoral Networks (DN): 16.11.21.
WARNING: it is not possible to apply for an MSC PF with a host located in a third country.
Health (Cluster 1)
The first Health call has been published. Submission deadline on 21/9.
EU Opportunities in SSHA
Webinar (28 October 2020)