Recherche européenne à l'UNIL

New EU COST Action call 2024 is open
The COST Association has opened a new call for proposals to suggest new COST Actions with a deadline on October 23rd 2024.
Horizon Europe : début des négociations entre la Suisse et l’UE
Le lancement des négociations CH-UE permettra aux chercheuses et chercheurs établi.e.s en Suisse de participer à l'appel ERC Advanced Grant 2024.
Horizon Europe is the Research and Innovation Framework Programme running from 2021-2027 with a budget of 95.5 billion euro.
Swiss participation in Horizon Europe
CH-EU negotiations started on March 18, 2024. A transitional arrangement will allow Swiss-based researchers to participate in all 2025 Horizon Europe calls, provided that a corresponding agreement between CH and the EU has been initialled by then.
European Research Council (ERC)
The 2024 ERC Advanced Grants call should open on May 29, 2024 with a submission deadline on August 29, 2024. Thanks to the transitional arrangement it is possible to apply for a 2024 AdG with a host institution established in Switzerland.
2024 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions
The 2024 MSC Postdoctoral Fellowships call will open on April 10 with a submission deadline on September 11, 2024. The 2024 MSC Doctoral Networks call will open on May 29 with a submission deadline on November 27, 2024.
SNSF Transitional Measures for Horizon Europe
No SNSF Transitional Measure is currently open.