Giuseppe Pantaleo


Dissecting the Immunological Interplay between Poverty Related Diseases and Helminth infections: An African-European Research Initiative

Domaine: Cooperation Health

Acronyme: IDEA

Durée: 01.03.2010 – 28.02.2015

Budget total: 210.300.000 EUR

Budget UNIL: 2.035.206 EUR


Giuseppe Pantaleo, Service d'immunologie et d'allergie, CHUV



Worm infections are receiving increased attention due to: the wide geographic overlap in occurrence between worms and HIV, TB and malaria; the large proportion of individuals (minimal estimates around 25%) co-infected with worms and HIV/TB/ malaria; the potential risk of increasing disease burden; the very limited understanding of the impact by worm infections on HIV-, TB- and malaria-specific immune responses and on their clinical outcome; the lack of established intervention guidelines for treatment of worm infections; and the scarce information on the impact by worm infections on vaccination and vaccine-induced immune responses.

In order to address these complex and challenging scientific issues, IDEA project will focus its efforts on four primary objectives:

a) the worm-induced modulation of the functional and molecular profile of HIV-, TB- and malaria-specific immune responses,

b) the impact by worm co-infections on measures of disease activity of PRDs,

c) the immunologic markers of worm-, HIV-, TB- and malaria-specific immune responses associated with better control of pathogen replication and disease, and

d) the modulation by worm co-infections of vaccine-induced immune responses.

To achieve these objectives, IDEA project has developed a global and innovative strategy which includes:

  1. the alliance between African and European leading scientists in the field of worms, HIV, TB and malaria,
  2. the multidisciplinary expertise involving immunologists, parasitologists, epidemiologists, clinicians, and experts in vaccines, 
  3. cutting edge immunology and the most innovative technologies to profile immune response,
  4. the access to large cohort studies bringing a number of centers working on worms and PRDs in Africa together, and
  5. the access to experimental HIV, TB and malaria vaccine candidates under clinical development in Africa.