Jaboyedoff Michel


Living with landslide risk in Europe: Assesment, effects of global change, and risk management strategies

Domaine: Cooperation Environment

Acronyme: SafeLand

Durée: 01.05.2009 – 30.04.2012

Budget total: 6.610.000 EUR

Budget UNIL: 196.700 EUR


Michel Jaboyedoff, Institut de géomatique et d'analyse du risque, FGSE



SafeLand will develop generic quantitative risk assessment and management tools and strategies for landslides at local, regional, European and societal scales and establish the baseline for the risk associated with landslides in Europe, to improve our ability to forecast landslide hazard and detect hazard and risk zones.

The scientific work packages in SafeLand are organized in five Areas:

  • Area 1 focuses on improving the knowledge on triggering mechanisms, processes and thresholds, including climate-related and anthropogenic triggers, and on run-out models in landslide hazard assessment;
  • Area 2 does an harmonisation of quantitative risk assessment methodologies for different spatial scales, looking into uncertainties, vulnerability, landslide susceptibility, landslide frequency, and identifying hotspots in Europe with higher landslide hazard and risk;
  • Area 3 focuses on future climate change scenarios and changes in demography and infrastructure, resulting in the evolution of hazard and risk in Europe at selected hotspots;
  • Area 4 addresses the technical and practical issues related to monitoring and early warning for landslides, and identifies the best technologies available both in the context of hazard assessment and in the context of design of early warning systems;
  • Area 5 provides a toolbox of risk mitigation strategies and guidelines for choosing the most appropriate risk management strategy.

Maintaining the database of case studies, dissemination of the project results, and project management and coordination are defined in work packages 6, 7 and 8.