Laurent Schild

European University Pharma Training In Pharmaceutical Medicine

Domaine: Innovative Medicines Initiatives

Acronyme: IMI Pharma Train

Durée: 09.09.2009 – 31.08.2014

Budget total: 6.653.588 EUR


Laurent Schild, Département de pharmacologie et toxicologie, FBM



The proposed Pharmaceutical Medicine Training Programme, PharmaTrain, provides a compréhensive solution for complex training needs of integrated drug development (sciences) for all professionals involved, incl. physicians, pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, biologists, biometricians, health economists, safety and regulatory scientists from universities, regulatory agencies, large, small and middle-sized pharma-, bio-, med- and nano-tech-enterprises, and allied companies providing contract research-, financial-, supply- and information services, as well as research ethics committees.

The main objective of PharmaTrain is to create a new multi-modular Diploma / Master Level- three tier Programme for Advanced Studies in Pharmaceutical Medicine / Drug Development Sciences, based on the Bologna credit and title system with 60+ ECTS credits and a new teaching syllabus. This dynamic PharmaTrain programme with a prepare, learn, confirm and sustain phase will be started de novo in collaboration with 6 Universities, and harmonised with another 12 programmes, to form a pan-European, quality managed and self-sustaining network. Base Courses (30+ ECTS), will be harmonised at the same quality level with examinations, through a unified European system, assuring the knowledge requirements will be the basis of the Diploma / Master programme.

Combined with the documentation of practical work, this will confer a new nationally accredited European Specialist in Pharmaceutical Medicine. The modular concept also provides an opportunity for accredited Continuing Professional Development as well as individualised training à la carte. PharmaTrain network collaboration is planned between 60 leaders of 26 EFCPM University training programmes and 13 learned societies incl. 3 regulatory agencies and DIA Europe, matched with 20 representatives of 15 EFPIA member companies.

PharmaTrain will encourage faculty exchanges between the industry, regulators and academia, and foster distance e-learning capability, and increased flexibility, transferability and mobility. This uniform high-level training in integrated drug development, harnesses a new strength of Europe, creating a competitive global advantage in developing new innovative medicines.