Requesting an assessment

When it comes to curricular teaching, quantitative and qualitative students evaluation of teaching assessments can be requested, in order to guide reflexion thinking.

The assessments can be set up if there’s enough data. They consist of aggregated data. Neither the teachings nor the teachers can be identified.

The assessment evaluation request is to be sent to with the following information:

  • Title of the course  
  • Faculty  
  • Person(s) responsible for the curriculum / responsible for the request  
  • List of courses concerned  
  • Evaluation period concerned (e.g “for the last 2 years)  
  • Type of request: assessment quantitative, qualitative, focusing on specific dimensions, etc.  

Following your request, the CSE will contact you in order to specify it and determine the deadline for producing the report. As this may greatly vary depending on the period and the scope of asssessment requested, please anticipate your request as much as possible! 

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