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Your philanthropy actively supports foundational and applied research, the diffusion of its results, as well as up-and-coming academics. You contribute to the establishment of cutting edge, interdisciplinary, and collaborative projects.

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Foundation for the University of Lausanne
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Tax Deduction


Donations made by individuals and legal entities to the Foundation for the University of Lausanne are tax deductible if said individuals and legal entities have given a minimum of 100 CHF to Swiss charitable institutions in the same year. Donations are tax deductible only up to a maximum of 20% of the net revenue minus deductions as stipulated in articles 39, 40, 41, and 42 of Swiss LI (articles 26 to 33 LIFD).

Legal entitles are subject to the same criteria as individuals, except for the minimum amount requirement.

For Vaud taxpayers, the tax deductibility of donations made to the Foundation for the University of Lausanne (a purely charitable institution) is regulated by articles 37 al. 1 let. i and 95 al. 1 let. c LI at the Vaud level. The legal regulations related to the Federal Direct Tax are articles 33a LIFD and 59 al.1 let. c LIFD.

Donations and inheritances
For more information, consult the websites of the Swiss Confederation and the Canton of Vaud:

Taxation of donations at the website:
Inheritances and donations at the website:

Amounts awarded

In 2018, funding made it possible to support projects for an approximate amount of 246,000 CHF.
In 2019, funding was awarded for a total of 223,492 CHF.
In 2020, funding was awarded for a total of 326,015 CHF.
In 2021, funding was awarded for a total of 430,850 CHF.
In 2022, funding was awarded for a total of 376'567 CHF, and was divided as follows:

funil_ra2022.pdf (FUNIL_Rapport annuel 2022)

Extract from the 2022 Annual Report.


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