Presentation and goals of the Foundation


The goals of the Foundation are to promote scientific research, publication of results, as well as up-and-coming academics, and especially to:

  • Grant individual support for research
  • Promote the attendance of young academics at conventions
  • Facilitate the organization of large-scale scientific colloquia
  • Promote national and international exchanges through financial support, especially for:
  • Scholars to travel and for research-oriented stays abroad
  • Foreign scholars to conduct research and teaching at UNIL
  • Support University of Lausanne publications
  • Award one or more prizes
  • Support projects that bridge the academy and civil society




2017 | By revising its statutes, the Foundation formalized and embodied its desire to become more open and increase exchanges between the academic world and civil society.

2014 | On January 1st, the Foundation of the 450th officially changed its name, becoming the Foundation for the University of Lausanne.

2009 | The Foundation supported a group of projects entitled Vivre Ensemble dans l’Incertain (VEI) (Live Together in Uncertainty): extremely innovative, interdisciplinary projects led in partnership with civil society.

2007 | The Foundation financed a survey of the Vaud population aiming to identify the concerns of the citizens and inhabitants of the canton of Vaud.

1988 | On the occasion of the foundation’s 1st anniversary, the first grants were awarded to researchers.

1987 | The University of Lausanne celebrated its 450th anniversary. An occasion to recall a history filled with events. The Foundation of the 50th anniversary of the University of Lausanne was constituted.


Foundation Council

The Foundation for the University of Lausanne is managed by a team of academics combined with several individuals involved both the public and private sector.

The Foundation Council is composed of nine members. Each member assumes his or her council functions on a volunteer basis.

Ms Catherine Labouchère

Mr. Sébastien Bettschart
Mr. Michel Chapuisat
Mr. Frédéric Herman
Ms Catherine Hirsch
Ms Rébecca Michelot
Mr. Boris Nikolov
Mr. Francesco Panese
Ms Frédérique Reeb-Landry
Mr. Franco Taroni
Ms Irene Weber Henking

Ms Géraldine Gimmi

The council meets three times a year.


Documents and reports (en français)

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