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The Master in Earth sciences is given jointly by the University of Geneva and the University of Lausanne, which means that a student can make an application for enrolment in one of the two universities according to her/his choice.

This choice can be motivated by personnal reasons but also by the scientific field in which the candidate wants to make her/his Master thesis. In principle and for practical reasons, the student gets enrolled in the university where her/his Master thesis director teaches. It has to be noted that what is not explicity stated in the ELSTE rules is regulated by the university concerned: scholarship application, assistantship etc.. Therefore, it means that an ELSTE student enrolled at the UNIL won't be able to apply for a scholarship at the UNIGE for example. Moreover, please note that during your studies, your place of enrolment may not be changed.

For an enrolment in September 2024, the registration deadline is over.

For an enrolment in September 2025, the registration deadline is on April, the 30, 2025 (February, the 28th, 2025 if a VISA is needed). Information about visa can be found on the migration office website: here

For complete information on enrollment application at the University of Geneva, clic here.

For complete information on enrollment application at the University of Lausanne, clic here.

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