ELSTE - Augustin Lombard Prize


Since 2006, the ELSTE annually awards the ELSTE - Augustin Lombard Prize to the best Master students. This award honours up to 3 candidates for the quality of their university studies and the excellence of their Master's thesis in geology.

You can find below the directives for the ELSTE Prize 2023 (in french), allowing each supervisor of an ELSTE student to submit its candidate:

In 2023, two ELSTE - A. Lombard Prizes were awarded during the Lemanic Day at the UNIl on November 23rd. They went to:

Damian Braize (UNIGE): “Combining 3D Deep Electrical Resistivity Tomography, vein mineralogy and oxygen isotope geochemistry at the Calamita Fe skarn deposit, Italy: Unravelling the geological structure of the system and the regional hydrothermal fluid circulation.”. Travail sous la direction de Kalin Kouzmanov et de Matteo Lupi.
Jonathan Pople (UNIL):“ Epibionts and trace fossils on stem- and crown-group euarthropod carapaces from the Early Ordovician Fezouata Shale”. Travail sous la direction d'Allison Daley

List of the recipients of the ELSTE Prize since 2006

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