Prize winners 2013

In 2013, the ELSTE - A. Lombard Prize was presented at the Swiss Geoscience Meeting at the UNIL on November 15th. It went to:

Valentina Togni (UNIL): "Etude paléoenvironnementale du Lago d'Alzasca (Tessin) durant les derniers 10'000 ans". Master thesis overseen by Thierry Adatte.

Guillaume Grenard (UNIGE): "Genèse des brèches carbonatées du Jurassique terminal dans le bassin subalpin (Sud-Est de la France)". Master thesis overseen by Elias Samankassou.

Hervé Rezeau (UNIGE): "Formation of Archean batholith-hosted auriferous veins at the Lac Herbin deposit, Val d'Or, Canada: New mineralogical and fluid inclusions constraints". Master thesis overseen by Georges Beaudoin (University of Laval, Québec) and Robert Moritz.



Université de Genève Université de Lausanne