Finding accommodation in Geneva

Finding accommodation in Lausanne

Enrolment at the UNIGE or at the UNIL?

The Master of Earth sciences is given jointly by the University of Geneva and the University of Lausanne, which means that a student can make an application for enrolment in one of the two universities according to her/his choice.

This choice can be motivated by personnal reasons but also by the scientific field in which the candidate wants to make her/his Master thesis. It has to be noted that what is not explicity stated in the ELSTE rules is regulated by the university concerned: scholarship application, assistantship etc.. Therefore, it means that an ELSTE student enrolled at the UNIL won't be able to apply for a scholarship at the UNIGE for example.

Language of courses?

Courses are held in English, a C1 nevel is recommended.

Living costs in Switzerland?

Here is a minimum baseline budget for UNIL students.

At the UNIGE, you will have to reckon with slightly higher rents, you also find a sample budget here. You must add CHF 500.- semester fees to this budget.

Location of courses?

The courses of the ELSTE Master are given both on the campus of the University of Geneva and that of the UNIL. In principle, the courses given by a teacher from the University of Geneva are given at the UNIGE and vice versa. Travels between the two universities are reimbursed.

Reimbursement of travel between the UNIGE and the UNIL?

Within the Triangle Azur (University of Geneva, University of Lausanne and University of Neuchâtel) students who are travelling from the university to which they are affiliated to another university in order to follow courses can get a reimbursement of their travel expenses according to the guidelines (in French) issued by the rectorates of the universities of the Triangle Azur.

Scholarship applications?

Link for Excellence scholarship at the UNIGE

Link for scholarships at the UNIL

Be aware that the grants are available only in the University you are enrolled in.



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