Defenses 2023

Program of June 26th and 27th 2023 | Program of January 23rd 2023

Program of June 26th and 27th 2023

Here is the list of students defending their master thesis on the 26th and 27th of June 2023


   Name of the Student          Topic of the master thesis


Sergio Medeiros

Petrological analyses and modelling the formation of olivine veins in serpentinites and peridotites in Erro-Tobbio (Voltri Massif, Italy). 06_Medeiros_photo.jpg

Luis Krampert

Texture, composition, alteration, and mineralization styles in the Permo-Triassic Pampa Elvira plutonic complex and Eocene porphyry intrusions at the Gabyporphyry copper deposit, Chile, with special focus on drill hole DGS-1587 06_Krampert_photo.jpg

Franscesca Nicole Del Rio Lagunas

Geochemical fertility tools applied to porphyry copper deposits - a case study approach: Chachimbiro Volcanic Complex and Cerro Tolondro, Ecuador. 06_Del_Rio_photo.jpg

Jonathan Pople

Epibionts and trace fossils on stem- and crown-group euarthropod carapaces from the Early Ordovician Fezouata Shale 06_Pople_photo.jpg

Sylvain Köhli

Study of the potential of analog models for landslide generated tsunami analysis - Case study for Lake Geneva, Switzerland 06_Koehli_photo.jpg

Karen Nicollet

Seismic activity of the Nothern Appennines Hinterland, Italy 06_Nicollet_photo_1.jpg

Isabelle Beney

Experimental assessment of the effect of particle size on volcanic ash leaching potential - a case study: Cumbre Vieja (2021) 06_Beney_photo.jpg

Amaury Champion

Seismic study of the Vuache Fault, deployment of a local seismic network, structural study and triggering mechanism of earthquake 06_Champion_photo.jpg

Célia Barat

Deployment of dense nodal network during unrest: investigation of the Vulcano-Lipari System (Italy) with Local Earthquake Tomography 06_Barat_photo.jpg

Julien Sfalcin

3D Deep Electrical Resistivity Tomography Investigation of Calamita Fe-Skarn Deposit: Exploring the Subsurface and Assessing the Contribution of Country Rock to Mineralization 06_Sfalcin_photo.jpg

Damian Braize

Combining 3D Deep Electrical Resistivity Tomography, vein mineralogy, and stable isotope analysis on the Calamita Fe-Skarn deposit, Italy: unraveling the geological structure and the regional hydrothermal fluid circulation 06_Braize_photo.jpg

Camille Pastore

Tracing the evolution of the architecture of the plumbing system during the 2021 Tajogaite eruption, La Palma, Spain 06_Pastore_photo.jpg

Benoît Goudard

Multidisciplinary Investigation of the Pre-Eruption Dynamics of Mount Sinabung (Indonesia) and its Possible Links with the 2005 Nias Earthquake 06_Goudard_photo.jpg

Program of January 23rd 2023

Program 23.01.2023  (180 Ko)

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