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Meet & Greet

Meet new people, get the information you need

Share a bite to eat and a drink, with the opportunity to meet fellow doctoral, postdoctoral and visiting researchers from all faculties of UNIL, and find out more about the services available to you at UNIL. 

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Call for Projects

Organise your own workshop

As a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher, you can apply for funding from the Graduate Campus to organise an event for your colleagues. Funding is available for events that aim to broaden participants' academic and methodological backgrounds, and ideally cross disciplinary boundaries (or at least present a clear interest in optimising their career prospects).

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Alumnil Webinars

Bring together the UNIL community

The Graduate Campus regularly organizes with the Alumni Office, as well as various UNIL services and faculties, webinars for PhD students and post-docs from UNIL and CHUV, as well as for the PhD community. 

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