A Graduate Campus - also for supervisors

Through their mentorship, advice and scientific expertise, the supervisor's role in a young researcher's career is crucial. The Graduate Campus is here not only for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, but also for professors and senior scientists responsible for supervising early career researchers.

Senior scientists are expected to supervise others, but the responsibility is rarely addressed in available training offers, leaving supervisors to their own experience as a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher, and learning through trial-and-error. This approach generally works, if the communication between mentor and mentee is clear, open and goes both ways. Each doctoral and postdoctoral researcher has different coaching needs, expectations, career goals, and scientific or methodological interests. Knowing how to recognize them, while expressing your own supervisory style, is therefore essential.

At the same time, the career landscape within academic research and teaching and beyond, is shifting rapidly, in Switzerland and elsewhere. Giving career advice in such a context can be complicated.

In the pages on the left, you'll find :

  • Resources to help you supervise your doctoral researcher;
  • A detailed description of the mandatory annual thesis survey;
  • Resources to help you supervise your postdoctoral researcher;
  • Workshops specifically designed for you to address the themes of thesis supervision and career support.
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