Supervise a PhD thesis

Supervise a doctorate | Workshop : Supervising doctoral students (in French)

Supervise a doctorate

Supervising young academics in their doctoral activities is an integral part of a senior scientist's role. There is no miracle supervision method for all academic cultures, personal experience and preferences. Nonetheless, there are general principles, such as regular communication and constructive feedback, that can help build and maintain a healthy and productive relationship between the PhD and his or her supervisor.

Those principles and good practices were identified, discussed and compared in the Commission de la Relève in 2013. The result of those discussions was the edition of a Code of Practice for the doctorate.

It is not an additional regulation or law, but rather a guide to open and sustained discussion around supervision, the hopes, needs and expectations of both parties, and their respective duties and rights. It should be used as early as possible, and as often as needed.


Workshop : Supervising doctoral students (in French)

In order to establish a good relation with your doctoral student, the direction of the UNIL, offers a half-day workshop on the following topics:

  • Describe doctoral supervision process with tools from educational psychology
  • Explain how you perceive your role and the role of your doctoral student in this relationship
  • Use different educational psychology tools to analyse your doctoral supervision and develop your practice

Facilitator : Prof Estelle Doudet & Dr Mélanie Bosson

Target population : UNIL Academic staff who supervise doctoral candidates.

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