Essentials and toolbox for future innovators

This course is aimed to students motivated by the creation of a start up and/or new, innovative products or services in an established company (intrapreneurship).

Through various models and real examples, this course shows the students how to create and develop an innovative opportunity, from client insights, a relevant value proposition, a supportive business model to an execution plan. Students will be frequently put in the "shoes of entrepreneurs" during the course and between course, mostly in teams. This course is articulated around three recent case studies of start-up and companies with the presence of the entrepreneur or intrapreneur to discuss the case. A focus will be put on the notion of impact entrepreneurship with examples of innovations with positive social and environmental impact. 

Teaching will be very interactive. Creative thinking, engagement, curiosity and active participation of students will be critical to the learning. This non-conventional course will alternate theory, experience sharing, case studies, group work in class and outside class, external interviews and group presentations to the rest of the class who will critically judge form and content.

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