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The Department of Immunobiology at the University of Lausanne, previously known as the Department of Biochemistry, is a leader in the field of immunological research. The research teams are committed to deciphering the complexities of innate and adaptive immune responses, delving into the mechanisms of sterile and pathogen-induced inflammation, and exploring the detailed pathways of cell death, mitochondrial biology, and membrane dynamics.

Located at the strategic Epalinges UNIL-Biopôle campus, the department is at the heart of the dynamic Centre of Immunity and Infection (CIIL) community. Researchers there benefit from the latest technological advancements, have the opportunity to attend inspiring seminars by leading experts, and can collaborate with the diverse companies based at the Biopôle campus.

Education is a foundational aspect of the department. It plays a significant role in the University of Lausanne's Faculty of Biology and Medicine, contributing to teaching programs at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels. The department is actively involved in managing the master's program in Medical Biology and in coordinating the Ph.D. program in Cancer and Immunology.
The dedication to academic excellence is evident in the commitment to conducting groundbreaking research and fostering the development of future scientific leaders

Organisation and Contact

Andreas Mayer, director


Margot Thome-Miazza, deputy director

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Department of Immunobiology

University of Lausanne

Chemin des Boveresses 155, CP51

1066 Epalinges



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Chemin des Boveresses 155 - CP 51 - CH-1066 Epalinges
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