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Lambiel Christophe

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Research areas

High mountain geomorphology
Main research activities are related to the study of alpine permafrost. They concern:
- The characterisation and modelling of the spatial distribution of mountain permafrost,
- The detection and mapping of ground ice,
- The study of slope movements in the alpine periglacial belt, in particular rock glaciers,
- The thermal and kinematics monitoring of permafrost,
- The study of factors controlling the occurrence of frozen ground,
- Geomorphological mapping.
Main methods/devices used are geophysics (electrical resistivity tomography), Differential GPS, digital photogrammetry, Lidar, UAVs, Differential SAR interferometry, temperature loggers and automatic cameras.

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Current PhD students:
- Jean-Baptiste Bosson : Contemporary glacial and periglacial dynamics in small alpine glacier forefields
- Nicola Deluigi : Permafrost distribution modelling in sedimentary deposits with machine learning
- Elisa Giaccone : Investigating the control of geomorphological parameters on the vegetation cover.


Contracts and mandates

PERMOS (Permafrost Monitoring Switzerland)
Responsable pour l'Université de Lausanne du réseau suisse de Monitoring du pergélisol


Collaborations and networks


Laboratoire Pacte, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble
Contact : Prof. P. Schoeneich

Department of Geological Sciences, University of Canterbury
Contact : PD Dr Stefan Winkler

Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana, Istituto scienze della Terra
Contact : Dr. Cristian Scapozza

Laboratoire Edytem, Université de Savoie-Chambéry
Contact : Dr. Ludovic Ravanel, Dr. Xavier Bodin, Prof. Philip Deline

Département de Géosciences/Géographie, Université de Fribourg
Contact : Prof. R. Delaloye, Prof. C. Hauck

Autres collaborations

Etat du Valais
Dangers naurels, routes et cours d'eau

Réseau PERMOS, Permafrost Monitoring in Switzerland